How Much Permission Do You Give Yourself?


The other day I was walking through a busy shopping mall…  amongst all of the people, the noise and the hustle and bustle……..  it turned into one of the most pleasurable moments of my day!


How?  Tigress Yoga.


I used to get quite stressed and flusted in shopping malls.  Allowing the atmosphere to overwhelm me.  This doesn’t happen anymore.  So, what does this look like?  I am walking through the crowds and I start to go through the techniques I have learnt in Tigress Yoga.  I start to focus on myself.  I turn inward and just observe what is going on in my body.  I notice my breath.  Ahhh! 


I notice my in breath expand my ribs and open my heart and chest.  Doing this changes my posture.  I start to stand taller and as I tune into the ribs and heart area.  I feel my breasts.  Yes, as I am walking along here in the mall.  No, I’m not touching them with my hands, I’m touching them with the rest of myself, my awareness, the sensations.  The small sensations as I’m walking along, the gentle bounce of my breasts.  This makes me smile inside.


Then my awareness travels down to my hips.  Yes, Mmmm.  I start to feel my hips swing as I’m walking through this mall…. And it is delicious.  The sensuality of actually feeling these hips move, of feeling my buttocks move as I walk.


Still the inner smile continues. It increases my feeling of aliveness, of happiness and I can almost ‘feel’ the chemical reaction taking place.  Mmm, yes!


… and I wonder, do people notice anything different about me?  Can people tell that I am REALLY here in my body? I know I have a gentle smile on my face.  I wonder if someone sees me walking by like this… what would they be thinking?…


Should I stop enjoying my body in this way? I am in public after all? And I realise!  I really have come to the place where I prioritise my pleasure!  Why wouldn’t I want to feel pleasure in my day? And what someone thinks, who sees me in the mall smiling and swinging my hips? Well… that is their business.  I’m not going to give up my pleasure.  It is good for me! Maybe I don’t even look that different.  Maybe they can’t even tell.  Most people are too wrapped up in their own selves to notice anyway.


And… hopefully, I might be having a positive impact on some?  If another woman sees me and smiles too and starts to move her hips a little more.. well, beautiful, I wish for all women that they could feel the pleasure in their bodies.  This is what Tigress Yoga has done for me, and is there any going back?  No way! My daily practice of Tigress Yoga has helped me to feel more pleasure, more often.  Do I need to explain why this is a good thing in my life?


Tigress Yoga has taught me to come into my body.  So instead of escaping from myself into a meditation of walking along a beach in paradise, I have discovered my own paradise right here in my body. Bliss!


by Kelly Henderson from Canberra


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