The Yogini and the Tigress Garden


There came a yoga practice into my life that changed my direction forever.  I had been a yogi for twenty years but it was through this embodiment practice designed for women I became forever more a yogini.  A tigress yogini! Or as we like to call ourselves Tiginis.

I have been a yoga teacher for ten years. Deep within there had always been a stirring within me about the practices I engaged in and taught.  I had never committed or aligned myself to any one style or practice as there was something in me that questioned the extremity of some practices.  Somehow I didn’t feel I was honouring my truth.  It just didn’t seem ultimately yogic to me.  All of these yogic traditions I had experienced or trained in came from male gurus and lineages.  Even practices for women were taught by men or ultimately they were just male practices that had been adapted for women. I had studied under female teachers who recognized this and offered approaches to practice these male styles in female ways but still I needed something more.

After pregnancy and childbirth the yoga I used to practice didn’t seem to meet my needs.  I had suffered a traumatic birth and post birth complications and I needed a practice that honoured my female body.    I found what I had been searching for with Tigress Yoga.

Tigress Yoga enabled me to honour and transition gracefully to the rhythm of my life.  I was moving somewhat awkwardly from maidenhood to motherhood.  Tigress Yoga helped ease the transition.  Through my practice I felt held, embraced and supported.  Regular practice liberated me to create my own definition of beauty sourced from within.  Daily practice enables me to be an authentic woman in tune with the bliss of our instinctual feminine nature adapting our natural rhythms to the demands of the outside world.

Tigress Yoga made me see I was like a garden born from the earth.  In my garden I can decide what part of me needs nurturing, what do I want to grow.  There is always a part that is abundant with life.  I can allow it to grow out of me as a spontaneous beauty where I can relax into the sensations and allow the delicious positivity and pleasure to sprout and flourish.

As a garden whatever agitations arise I can just feel into it and be part of the force of the winds, the rain, the heat from the sun, the force that makes the planet spin, the force that creates our cycles, the force that grows wild in the garden, and I don’t need to fix it.   We can just allow the weeds to grow and sometimes you may fall down those nasty rabbit holes in the garden or get a splinter, a cut or a bite or some part of the garden we cherish no longer grows and dies.  I can allow and identify those feelings and emotions and relax into them and all the messiness.  I know the garden needs all those qualities.  I can share with the garden the sorrows, the joys, and heartache and let it grow something out of the experience or the emotion.  Allowing a flow with all the moments of beauty, the nasty and yucky moments, the deep positive and pleasurable experiences and the wildness of allowing something to grow from within me.  Allowing the ether, the winds of change to blow through and awaken the feeling dimension within and around my body.  Awakening the womb of my garden, being present with the awareness, my own personal experience of what it is in this moment, and allow it to pass through the warmth of my heart and allowing an authenticity with all emotions. Allowing a transmuting of the poisons, to accept the experience and fertilise the garden.  Always remembering we fertilise gardens with shit, blood and bone!

This practice of the ever-accessible Tigress Yoga for women offers highly effective and practical ways for us to realign with our bliss and gently be guided into the mystery and allow feeling to guide you.  It helps us to see when we are being authentic, when we deny and when we embrace.  This beautiful alchemical practice takes us deeper into the bliss of living in our sacred feminine, this divine female body.  It is an honour to share the practice and I feel privileged and blessed to assist others to awaken the Shakti within!

Rachel Hanrahan is a Tigress Yoga Instructor and she is also a Supervisor in our teaching team. Her love, joy and boundless energy to serve women on this path is such a blessing. Thank you Rachel for being you 🙂

To see Rachel’s Instructor interview, follow this link here.


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