Sensual Goddess Yoga in Byron Bay

photo for tigress blogAs I approach the journey of sharing Tigress yoga with the women of Byron Bay, I have been reflecting on what this practice has brought to my life and the lives of the women around me. In some ways it is quite a daunting task to bring yet another form of yoga to a town that is saturated with different styles and forms of yoga and yet at the recent Byron Bay Spirit Festival, I was both surprised and encouraged to experience just how different Tigress yoga actually is from all of the other forms of ‘women’s practice’ that I encountered. This first became apparent when the festival program included Tigress Yoga in the Tantra section as opposed to the extensive yoga section. Though initially surprised, when I felt into the reactions and experiences that women were having in the two Tigress sessions I assisted, and my own experience of this exquisite practice, it seemed essential that it was categorised here.

Tigress Yoga™ is an invitation to come inside your body and to really feel what’s there. To authentically enquire into the truth of the state of one’s own heart can be incredibly challenging, but it is a quest that I have found to be powerfully healing and a direct pathway to feminine wholeness and inner sovereignty.  As women we have access to so much feeling and yet the world that we live in so often asks us to shut this down in order to be ‘good’ or ‘successful’ or even ‘liked’ by the other. In my personal experience this shut down had become so strong that I had lost all awareness that the vulnerability hidden within my closed heart was actually my greatest strength and asset as a woman. It has been from this deep movement enquiry and honouring of the wisdom of my own authentic heart that I have been able to form a beautiful relationship with my body and truly own my sexuality through a sensual and spiritual practice that has imbued all of my relationships, especially those with the women around me, with greater love, openness and honesty.

As someone who is relatively new to the world of Tantra and at times confronted by the over emphasis some practitioners place on sexuality with a partner in this field, I am delighted to be sharing a female tantric yoga practice that invites women to begin their enquiry inside their own hearts and feel their way through authentic expression and vulnerability. As I listened to the women at the festival roar, groan, weep, giggle and laugh during their Tigress yoga session, I was deeply touched by the power and wisdom of the feminine in its myriad of exquisite dimensions.

With love,

Delaney Crawley 

Level 1 Tigress Yoga Instructor


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  1. Lisa Crawford Jones says:

    Thank you, Delaney for sharing yourself so openly. I’m sure your classes will be as exquisite as the softness of your words xxx

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