Tigress Yoga’s First 50+ Instructor!


I feel so happy to introduce to you the first Tigress Yoga Level 1 Instructor who is in her 50’s. Yeahy!!

I can only imagine how challenging it may have been for Nisha Gill to join a tantric community made up mostly of younger women than her AND decide to become an Instructor. Good for you Nisha and thank you for your personal dedication, because now you are living inspiration for so many other women of your age group who can greatly benefit from what Tigress Yoga has to offer.

Women aged 17 to 70+ have been enjoying Tigress Yoga around Australia for numerous years now, however it is very special to now have an Instructor who is in her 50’s. Nisha Gill has many years experience already as a holistic therapist and now she will also be able to offer Tigress Yoga to her clients and any Tigress students in her local Camberwell area.

Nisha is such a beautiful example of a woman who has lived her earlier life feeling dissatisfied with the education available BUT then being courageous enough to follow her own passions, leading her to become an Instructor of something she knows is going to transform the lives of women around her.

Meet Nisha here with this short video interview we shared recently in Melbourne:



Thank you Nisha for being on this path with us 🙂


xx Dévashi


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