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I found this photo of me from my old Tantra Studio in Melbourne…….

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It’s occurred to me that many of you, who have found Tigress Yoga just in the last year or two, may not realise that I used to have a full time private practice in Melbourne for many years. Eventually it came time to focus all my energy into sharing Tigress Yoga with the world. Since May 2013, I have been enjoying the digital nomad lifestyle, however before that I stayed put in inner city Melbourne for about 10 years. I used to see men, women and couples for deep 1:1 services of tantric bodywork and personal mentoring, in a spacious studio above a jewellery shop in Fitzroy North (and a few other locations before that). And yes sometimes the sounds (and energy) coming from that place did disturb the neighbours. 

I absolutely loved offering this and learnt so much from it. I enjoyed the challenge of being able to meet people exactly where they were, and then lifting them up beyond their ordinary experiences into magical realms of expanded love and pleasure, their birthright. Even and especially the scientifically-minded, athiestic, pure logic kinda people would have to acknowledge the existence of divine presence in the end. This would happen because of the embodied feelings they were having through the tantric bodywork and the  loving presence they experienced through me. No matter what was going on in my life, I anchored myself into being of service in this way, relentlessly, for many years. People would ask me how did I have such a thriving practice –  it was my commitment to love through service. I didn’t once think of it as a business, because I had no interest in that. And yet I learnt many things about business because of it.

Now I consider this time I had of being a full time therapist/guide as akin to serving in the temple – like we used to do. When things were very different to how they are now, when the Goddess was revered in society. It is said that women would serve in the temple as sacred ‘prostitutes’, before marriage. My understanding of this is it aligns a woman with what it is that she is really serving with her Shakti. LOVE. Not the man, not the world, not society, not her programmed ideas of romantic love, not what media said she needs to be – Love. Unconditional, Divine Love. Only with this initiation could she be a woman of Sovereignty, whole unto herself and practiced in birthing a man into a king. I didn’t actually have sex with people who came to see me, yet it involved a very intimate soul-level nakedness with genuine activation of powerful internal energies.

This time in my temple allowed me a vast view of what was going on between man and woman, masculine and feminine. While in my role as guide & confidante, I would hear people’s deepest and darkest fears around love and sexuality; things they didn’t tell even their partners or closest friends. I got much insight into what it’s like for people who don’t question the assumed roles in relationships and the impact it has on their capacity for intimacy and ecstasy. I witnessed a community of people embrace open relationships for the first time and was present to its ripple effects on individuals and families over time. (I also was present to it for years prior via my own formal introduction to it and the community of people surrounding me at the time.) I learnt to let go of all ideas about what is the most conscious relating style and remember that it’s about authenticity and love within, not the labels. This put my focus on guiding people to inner union always, yet always holding the flame for their most alive and aligned self. And I got to see the power of integration and how lacking it is in the realms of expanded sexuality offerings, that often flip people into disembodied states of conceptual realisation only, with frequent dissociation. Perhaps the most powerful learning for me was the focus on the wellbeing of one’s nervous system, beyond all the concepts and stories, as the true guide for integrity, integration and evolution.

Just for fun, I worked out how many hours I immersed myself in being of service in this way. My estimation, I kid you not, is over 13,000 hours!! And that’s not including the years of serving as a therapist of transformational bodywork, inner healing  and therapeutic massage in all the years prior. I did tell you I love this stuff!

I saw a full spectrum of anyone and everyone for a long while – from students, tradies, world bankers, mums, aspiring goddesses, wealthy successful men who lost connection with relationship,  and fellow teachers/ therapists, to some in government with public profiles & more. Helping people to unplug from the matrix of the world into the pure matrix of their own divinity is something I am born to do.

Showing men how to find confidence from within, how to be a gentleman and what woman’s body needs to naturally open is something I will probably continue to do for the rest of my life (because they need it & I want men I come across to get it). Supporting women and girls to find a new level of integrity with their bodies post abuse taught me so much. Guiding couples to reconnect after years of total sexual intimacy shut down for years post children, was extremely beautiful. Learning from elderly couples who had kept their connection alive for 40+ years was rare but inspiring. Seeing new age type people intellectually full with all their ‘spiritual’ concepts be awkwardly humbled, as they had to acknowledge their lack of embodiment and integration was happening pretty much daily (I know this one intimately). Paving the way for ecstatic / empowered births is divine and needs to happen more in this world. The privilege of holding strong (& stubborn), powerful men while they break down in sobbing tears from experiencing their own Feminine….and realising their previous lack of presence with woman, touched me very deeply. And having my heart broken open with compassion in seeing thousands of women grieve in recognition of never having felt their true female energy before, became part of the driving force behind the expansion of Tigress Yoga.

I don’t offer 1:1 services very often these days, but from time to time it becomes available. By following this link, you will be able to see if personal mentoring is currently on offer. There is an extraordinary amount I can do via Skype without the bodywork. Beyond my personal depth of experiences and initiations, I have certification qualifications as a Tantra Teacher, Taoist Arts Instructor, Somatic Sexologist (western sexology), Therapeutic Bodyworker, Spiritual Counsellor & more recently I’m gaining a qualification in Somatic Experiencing (trauma therapy & re-setting the integrity of the human nervous system).


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  1. wendy phillis says:

    Thank you Devashi for all you have moved thru and “worked” with. So many people can now know and experience the beauty of being woman and the presence of LOVE is the only pivotal port we need to feel and move to and abound in. And all which u have moved thru so Tigress Yoga is present with us “mere mortals” and that I can share this as my most deepest desire in serving women’s hearts and the world.
    What a delight and a privileged it is to have you and your “baby – Tigress Yoga – in my life.
    Deep gratitude, appreciation and love

    • Dévashi Shakti says:

      Beautiful Wendy,
      thank you so much for your love & devotion to walking this path with me

      I assure you that I am incredibly mortal & also not…….like we all are

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