Authentic Self Love


I teach people how to treat me by how I relate to myself internally.

I teach people how to love me, through how I love and hold myself – or not.

When I stay in the flow of my authentic nourishment, my primal intelligence is awake and aware to what/ who is beneficial for me and what/ who is not.

To stay in the flow of my authentic nourishment, I need to take the time to listen…. and slow down enough to be moved from my inner compass, rather than be at the response to life only. It means I need to value myself as a person, as living intelligence.

When I value myself as living intelligence, it’s about a reverence for the pure divinity of my essential nature. I understand that self love does not need to be on held back, waiting for the moments when my personality feels good enough or worthy enough of this exquisite care & attention.

When I take the time to care for & attune to my own inner nature, I extend to myself the same qualities of empathy & compassion that I freely share with others. Being so receptive as a woman, firstly I need to attune that receptive capacity to my own being.

When I take the time to attune to my own receptivity first, I find real freedom in my sexual choices. I say yes to what is inspiring for me and I don’t confuse the concept of “saying yes to life” with talking myself into saying yes to whatever/whoever comes my way. I say yes to harmony with my own nature first. I trust my awakened womb to guide me.

When I can trust my awakened womb to guide me, I experience congruency within me & empowered experiences with other people. Without this taking responsibility for my own state of being, I could be lost in endless emotionality and stories of disappointment from my interactions with others.

When I understand what it takes to really nurture myself,  I know that nourishing my feminine is NOT a fluffy thing to do, for when I have downtime that never comes. Or that it’s only about having long baths and slowly applying body moisturiser. Or filling my body with unhealthy food or substances that disconnect me from feeling.

It takes dedication, intention & education with supportive community, to nurture myself continuously.

xo Dévashi

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