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Since I first started training instructors to teach Tigress Yoga with me, back in 2011, we have been active in developing a version of Tigress Yoga for girls. Women trained as instructors who have been most passionate about wanting to see this sacred female yoga in an appropriate format for younger women have helped in the development of this special project. Those who’ve known me for a while understand how close to my heart it is to provide embodiment education for girls and young women.

To support girls through the common issues around body shame, menstrual shame, sexual decision making, confidence and self esteem is so very needed. Addressing issues around family relationships, cyber safety & more can also be included, by resourcing the girls with important life skills and self care tools.

One of the women who contributed to this project in the past is a Steiner School Teacher. In 2012 the beautiful Delaney helped me to compile official notes on this new Tigress Yoga format. We did that by experimenting with our ideas applied to Delaney’s existing students and exploring how they received it. Basically their level of receptivity and ability to stay present to the practise defined the emerging format. I loved hearing about how these young women were really enjoying this space provided for them to get authentic with their female nature. The girls eagerly stayed after class to do this, it was offered free of charge and Delaney generously volunteered her time to support this project.

Another thing we found is the need for cognitive understanding (something women also need), alongside the embodiment practises. With so many confusing and conflicting ideas always vying for a young woman’s attention, it’s important that those of us who are able to, can bring some clarity to their journey. The online world especially is bombarding girls with so much imagery of how they should be and it’s definitely impacting a young woman’s relationship with her naturalness. And of course, to provide a space for these girls to discuss what’s on their minds and what might be keeping them up at night is part of the process.

We have other instructors who feel strongly about Tigress For Girls being available too. The latest one about to go through training, is an Occupational Therapist who works in clinical practise with an interest in teaching girls from the age range of approximately 14 – 23 years old. We intend to conduct some clinical case studies to help document the effectiveness of ‘Tigress For Girls’. This is all research for recording the overall effectiveness of Tigress Yoga as an embodiment practise that helps to develop the female psyche. New approaches with ancient roots, that allow a greater level of empowerment for women and girls is very much the vision of Tigress Yoga.

In fact, the creativity of how we can be of service to girls in this is endless. As we are not short on creative vision here at Tigress, it’s very exciting for us to be aware of the future possibilities. Online forums & printed publications to create a sense of community for young women & girls is part of what we are envisioning too. The world is no longer like it was when I was a girl!


What do you wish someone had of sat you down and spoken to you about when you were younger?

Especially considering growing up with the internet, what would you most love for girls to know? 

Your opinions are valuable to us, so please feel free to contribute your ideas and heartfelt suggestions.

With Love,

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  1. Nicole Moore says:

    It’s important to me that my daughter understands how the media manipulates images, and that there are often big differences between online culture and real life. I’d love to see more exposure of that in young womens media.
    We regularly celebrate the amazingness of her body, and it’s abilities to heal, create, enjoy… in order to lay the groundwork for that for her as she grows.
    I myself model ‘no rules – just my own likes and dislikes’ as she starts to question why I make choices I do around personal hygiene and grooming and so on. She is 11, so lots of things being noticed now, that never were before.
    Love that you are moving into this terrain – it’s so important for our girls… Thankyou!

  2. Delaney says:

    Devashi and the Tigress Yoga tribe,

    What a wonderful initiative and how lucky we are that you are creating such warmth and community around educating young women. In my experience of teaching teenage girls, I have witnessed a great desire to connect and converse in circles around all that is growing in their bodies and hearts.
    As a teenager I turned to women’s magazines for information because no one offered me a forum to explore all that was changing in my body and emotions.
    I wish someone had helped me navigate questions around my sexuality and taught me about pleasure and that it belonged to me and wasn’t all about giving it away so that I might be ‘liked’ or ‘loved’.
    I wish someone had helped me navigate notions of beauty and jealousy around other girls and how we could be more supportive of each other rather than competitors in the game of love.
    I wish someone had helped me to be a friend to myself instead of a judgemental enemy and a friend to boys instead of an object of desire.
    I wish I had connected more to nature and really felt the part of me that is more than human, that is actually divine and connected to all things.
    I wish I had found more adult female role models that showed me a variety of ways of becoming a woman and living in this world as a woman, not just the conventional pathways.
    I hope for girls that they are given real opportunities to tune out from technology from time to time and tune into the wisdom inside their own bodies. That they might ‘know’ what their body is saying ‘yes’ to and what their body is saying ‘no’ to simply by breathing inside and listening – regardless of what the outside world tells them they must think.
    This is my heartfelt wish.
    Eternal gratitude for your work in educating the whole of who we are.

    • Dévashi Shakti says:

      Thanks for being so generous in your comments Delaney!
      I know so many women will resonate with what you shared. Love always xo

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