Valentine’s Day Mayhem!

It’s that time of year again, where our social custom tempts us to find our value in how special we are to someone else. And how lovely it is to feel adored and appreciated, however it’s a guarantee of feeling locked into the suffering of conditional love if we NEED it from outside of ourselves. And this year there is some extra charge this Valentine’s Day, with Eve Ensler’s passionate social activism creating the 1 Billion Rising movement, which is happening globally.

For me Valentine’s Day is a time of year where I appreciate myself for being free of imposed social norms that could disconnect me from who I really am if I wasn’t aware. Whether I’m in a relationship or not, I’ve learnt that the love I long for is not be found via anybody else. Saying that, I must admit how very romantic I am, however my romance is primarily with Infinite Love itself. It’s not just words or a concept, it’s something I feel in my body & it’s a choice that I constantly align with, in order to experience it. It’s the kind of self love that feels like a fullness from the inside, a deeply loving companionship with my own being – one that is delightfully always there no matter what.

I’ve been feeling a lot in regards to the lack of actual love being made between man and woman and how I believe that is impacting us personally, socially and globally. I see the accumulation of tension in our bodies & minds from not knowing what is really possible in sex and I wonder how much that has do with violence that occurs. I believe Diana Richardson’s work with couples is among the most profound opportunities for sex education available. I was reminded of this when I recently saw Diana’s new film, ‘Slow Sex’. If you are in Australia, you can attend the retreats with Janet & Gene.

Eve Ensler’s V-Day movement is also something I support because it is raising awareness about the need to end male violence against women & girls, which has been ignored socially for far too long. This year she has initiated a dance event to take place in every city across the world – if you don’t know about it, look up 1 Billion Rising to find an event in your area. And if you are yet to see this inspiring talk by Jeremy Meltzer who is standing up and being a real man in the issue of male violence against women, check it out here.

I’ve included a video of Julia Gillard in this blog because for what it’s worth, I’m grateful to be born in Australia if I live in a country where this announcement can be said openly by Australia’s Prime Minister. Other countries such as India currently have members of government who are known perpetrators of violence, refusing to stand down. It is very clear that no matter who a man is, there does need to be legal consequences for his violent behaviour in conjunction with support to reform his behaviour. And that those in government who have the power to make laws to prevent and provide consequences for the actions of violent men, should not themselves be violent men!

Some people are upset that the 1 Billion Rising Movement appears to have hijacked Valentine’s Day, but silence around the issue of violence is a significant part of the problem. As a woman who is among the 1 in 3 women who has been raped and beaten in her lifetime, this time of year with the V-Day event has moved some very deep feelings inside of me. My personal contribution to ending violence against women & girls is to stay focused on all that I create for women to nourish themselves with real self love and authentic power. It may appear on the outside that I am just a tantra yoga teacher who is creating a worldwide community, but I am in this for real social change.

I pray that people will start facing the very real issue of violence that happens with women and girls every single day on our planet. And I pray that we as women make choices to align ourselves with embodied self love and let go of the neediness that has us seek to find that love primarily from others. Men are aching to know what it is to be in the presence of real feminine energy; not just the external forms of beauty, but the visceral experience of being switched into the real creative power of LIFE, through a woman feeling this true power she has within her.

I believe it is our (glorious) responsibility as women to keep showing up in our full aliveness, beauty and power, no matter what. It is from the infinite source of love itself that we receive this Shakti to empower ourselves and each other. It is from this inexhaustable supply that I find my nourishment and from this place that I will be celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Is Valentine’s Day important to you and why?


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xx Dévashi

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  1. Christine says:

    From the heart, thank you Devashi.
    I completely support this movement to transform our understanding of power and persuasion, making it a choice for bliss and positive life energy the way that we feel it to be good and wholesome.
    From the heart, through the heart, love.

  2. Dear Devashi,

    Again, you have nailed the issue that is unspoken by many. I honour your courage to speak up and support women to be free in the true sense of the word. And thank you for mentioning Diana Richardson and The Making Love Retreat. As far fetched as it sounds, I truly believe we hold within our own hands the key to world peace, when we can create this peace within and between man and woman, in the whole sexual arena.

    I fully align with Love and self-Love and am so grateful to be walking alongside another and others on this same quest as we all do it in our own way.

    In all love,

    • Dévashi Shakti says:

      I absolutely agree Janet, we do hold world peace in our own hands, yes. I wonder what it’s going to take for the sexual arena to have some major shifts & how long. I’d certainly like to live in a world where the depth of harmony we know is possible is actually being lived with the majority of men and women, what a world that would be!

  3. AnRa says:

    Gorgeous writ Devashi!

    ? Valentines Day for me this year is all about SELF RESPECT :: an honest self-inquiry into all the subtle, barely discernible ways I still allow the men in my life to disrespect me :

    How & why have I allowed the disrespect of my heart, my sacred-body-temple, my gifts, my finances, my power, my wisdom and my LOVE?

    -> Because my conditioned and unconscious response to my wounds in Love has been to bargain for it, seeking its fulfillment from outside of myself.

    Today, I turn a radical new page :: to begin Loving myself something fierce! … to become the change I wish to see in the world!

    [It was an honor to dance on the beach at sunrise this morning with so many sisters and brothers: to devote my Presence to the tide of 1 Billion Rising all over the world today: saying NO to the culture of sexual violence against women upon this fair Earth. For the 1 billion who will be violated this year: 1 billion answer in solidarity today! It is time to transform this madness.]

    Happy Chinese New Year of the Water Snake: the Kundalini is DEFINITELY rising! ?

  4. Kirsty says:

    Thanks for this post Devashi – a wonderful man and I decided to part ways on the weekend and I’ve not been looking forward to today. I was lucky enough to study with Diana last year and it’s my wish to attract someone into my life who us interested in exploring your and her teachings further. However this post is great to remind me to reach inside and maybe devote some time to my feminine energy tonight instead of getting caught up in the manufactured kitsch of valentines day. However peace to all of you who use this day to make special time for your partner!

    • Dévashi Shakti says:

      Hi Kirsty, how brave of you to share your experience. Yes to find men who are interested in the real depths can be a challenge………..however a woman does not need to idly wait for him to arrive 🙂 there is much to explore with the infinite nature of your own incredible female body. I look forward to you experiencing Tigress Yoga soon x

      • Kirsty says:

        Hi Devashi I would love to come to Tigress Yoga but I’m based in Adelaide which is one of the few places you don’t have classes! Any chance that one might be coming soon? xx

        • Dévashi Shakti says:

          Hi Kirsty, we need women in Adelaide to make it happen. If you are able to help with local contacts please contact us & thank you for asking, I’d love to see Tigress Yoga happen in Adelaide too x

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