Putting Yourself First

feminine-embodiment-yogaHave you noticed something changing for a while now? There used to be a strong momentum around trying to aim for enlightenment…. long before it’s actually possible for most people and now instead it’s all about authenticity. I love it that being real is more preferable than being correct or perfect – or at least that’s how it is in my world and the circles of people I choose to be with.

That said, how are you going dear sister with the subject of putting yourself first? I know that for me it’s been a constant struggle throughout my life. It doesn’t matter how much I know it’s importance and how much it hurts when I haven’t put myself first, sometimes that old programming is just so stubborn! Even though I’m a very independent woman who has had a good grasp on what is nourishing to my soul, knowing doesn’t help. Only acting on it does. And it’s not just about doing nice things and buying ourselves what we want, it’s a completely different way of operating from the inside. And only when we want to become present to really living in alignment with self nourishment as women can it actually happen for us, because it’s not always easy.

The old way of forsaking oneself to serve another or others has been operating strongly in the world for some time now so it is to be expected that there are ever deepening levels of self nourishment required for us to be whole and truly in love with who we are. Think of your mother and her mother and many other mothers you know and it should come as no surprise that we are living in a time of re-weaving our inner worlds. The new way asks us to go against the flow of the psychic-emotional environments we were born into. Ever since the Venus transit mid year, there has been more pressure for us women to really get it. And now with the full 2012 changes in our midst, it’s more achievable than ever.

I’ve come to see that loving ourselves first is the only sustainable way to live. Sure we can survive without it, but it’s no longer about just surviving, we women want to thrive and live to our highest potential with our feminine bodies alive & magnetic. We want to live from our fullness so that we give only from our overflow, keeping our cup filled from within without giving ourselves away, because we know it creates resentment and pain to do so.

I’ve had the blessing of truly seeing quite significant transformations in women who turn this momentum around in themselves via Tigress Yoga. It really does work to re-pattern us into a new way of being, but it does take time. I’ve witnessed in myself the effects over a longer period of time too of course, and to be honest the old programming dies hard sometimes. It’s so worth it though. Each time I get new insights into how I can fall in love with myself some more, it feels so annihilating but it inspires me to go deeper and enjoy myself so much more thoroughly.

The more honest you can be with your own real needs for alignment with our desire and your pleasure, the more satisfying and harmonious your relationships with others can be too. I hope your well earned holiday serves you to explore how you can genuinely create the spaciousness for your sovereignty to exist more easily, after all, it’s what Tigress Yoga is all about. I intend to luxuriate in the deep waters of my own sacred well, nourishing myself as much as possible. I know that I’ll be daring myself to enjoy more pleasure and real self love in my life come 2013 – I’ll see you there.

xx Dévashi