Inspiration to teach Tigress Yoga


Becoming a Tigress Yoga Instructor is not an easy thing………students must have made a strong commitment to their own personal embodiment of the Tigress Yoga practice & have experienced how it affects them in their own lives, before applying for training.

It’s not just another modality to pay for, learn and add to the bag of tricks – this is a real personal pathway and tribe. Only women who are deeply committed to their own embodiment process and who are committed to being active, harmonious members of the Tigress Yoga teaching community are invited to take part. This is why each woman who has made this commitment to herself has my full respect. And it’s why I believe in the organic growth of this teaching community, rather than creating as many instructors as possible for commercial purposes. I mentor each instructor individually to ensure the quality, evolution & sustainability of this growing community. This also means that each instructor gets ongoing support to continue their own personal embodiment process + be successful on a professional level.

Our classes don’t just provide an experience for the moment – Tigress Yoga has accumulative effects that create big ripples throughout our daily lives in many ways. This is why we ask students to commit to a class series, so they can explore it more thoroughly and see what’s possible for them. One-off taster classes are also available too.

I hope you enjoy this short video interview I did with Claudine Von Niederhausern, our Mullumbimby instructor:



xx Dévashi


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