But I’m Just Not That Into Yoga…

Women who love Tigress Yoga really do come from all walks of life – some are trained Hatha Yoga teachers and some have never been attracted to regular yoga classes. Sometimes I hear from women who ask me is there any other way they can learn from me, preferably without the yoga. It makes me smile because I have my own list of things I don’t enjoy about regular yoga too. So let me take the time to share how Tigress Yoga really is a totally different experience to regular yoga. The word yoga might bring up resistance for some however the word “tigress” speaks directly to a woman, in a way that bypasses her mind and goes straight to the place where she instinctively knows what it means… and that’s exactly what Tigress Yoga is about! The “tigress” refers to our feminine strength, power, beauty, primal nature and our instinctual wisdom.

Most of us women would love a place to go where we can just be, to unfold, to unfurl and to rest into who we really are. I totally understand this desire, I feel it myself and it’s a big part of why Tigress Yoga came about. I consider Tigress Yoga to be a place where a woman can go regularly to learn how to awaken her feminine body and re-align with her feminine soul. It is absolutely a place you can go to just be real, to let go and nourish yourself. In fact in just about every class at least one woman is crying or roaring while the others continue because listening to our authentic flow is all part of learning how to stay true to ourselves in life. In Tigress classes even the way we sit in the room is womanly! It is not a regimented experience with an instructor yelling commands at you, nor do you have to force your body to open, deny your need for deep rest, deal with a competitive vibe in the room or be supervised in the anal folding of blankets that’s all part of the imposed “striving for perfection” mentality! After all, yoga is traditionally from male lineages that are not designed to work harmoniously with the natural rhythms of the female body. In the absence of that militant approach to being with our bodies, the feminine way emerges. Even women who usually hate yoga tend to enjoy Tigress Yoga because it feels so natural and honouring to our deep feminine energies.

So why call this yoga? By utilising this popularised term, we are reclaiming its true meaning. With the translation of the Sanskrit word yoga meaning “union”, Tigress Yoga is an alchemical process for women to enjoy the opening of the feminine pathways, to be in union with our feminine selves. I’m also suggesting that we as women do indeed have our own Sacred Feminine approach to yoga that is different and that it should be different to the way men practice. Perhaps Sacred Feminine yoga is even more ancient. Rather than containing all our energy for the afterlife destination which is a strong message behind some traditional Taoist lineages or intentionally creating sensory deprivation to escape the unfortunate experience of being human which is often implied in traditional yoga; Tigress Yoga teaches us to embrace the incredible opportunity that is to be born female in this age that we are now living in. When the documented traditions behind regular yoga often indicate that women are a distraction to enlightenment and better luck next time being born a man so you can attain enlightenment kind of thinking – Tigress Yoga really is quite a revolutionary movement.

And as I often say to women attending our events for the first time, all yoga is great because anything that gets us out of being dominated by the intellect and into our bodies is healthy and good for us. It cannot be denied that the usual yoga styles have many benefits however the objective is different and therefore the result is different. In regular yoga there is a big emphasis on physical alignment, strength, precision and mental focus which can lead to the experience of awareness, clarity, integrity and ultimately impeccability (if also practising off the mat.) Clearly all these things are really great and beneficial however they are quite masculine qualities. Yes, we all have masculine and feminine energies within us but what most women who haven’t had exposure to Sacred Feminine work don’t realise is that they are missing out on nurturing some really profound feminine qualities. This is the base and if we are missing this foundation of being rested in our feminine nature, what we build from there will be on shaky ground that often reveals itself to be unsustainable. Commonly it takes a woman becoming a mother to realise that her body has it’s own rhythms and ways of opening that need to be honoured too. Developing our true feminine strength (eg with Level 2 Tigress Yoga) is so much easier to access and maintain when we are not denying our deeper feminine energies.

Operating in a man’s world (lets face it, it generally still is!) does take its toll on us so having a space specifically to nourish the source of our feminine energy is paramount in maintaining our ability to truly show up as women.

What has changed for you in your life as a result of honouring your feminine ways? What are the deep feminine qualities that have opened up for you via Tigress Yoga?

Dévashi x

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  1. wendy phillis says:

    So beautiful Devashi, I just so love reading your words and being reminded, Yes we so love and desire to just lie down and unfurl and be. It is so beautiful to hear from you. Your words always feel like warm waves over my body and nourish the woman in me. much love

  2. Athena says:

    are there any trained tigress yoga teachers in sydney? if so please send me the details

    thank you

    • Dévashi Shakti says:

      Hello beautiful Athena, we have one Sydney woman in training, but the only Instructors teaching this year are in Melbourne, Brisbane & Gold Coast – we are branching out all over the country from early next year though x

  3. Helen Zee says:

    I have become more still within myself and I am able to tune my hearing to the frequency of my body and simply listen. From this point I can make informed decisions that support my overall wellbeing as opposed to pushinig against the grind.
    I have realised my past ways that have abused my body, and I have accepted and fogiven myself for my ignorance.

    I am also grateful that I can take the teachings of myself to my students – including in Yoga and Personal Training…I have been told that I am an unusal Personal Trainer as I have the ability to tune into a clients body and change things around.

    In love and gratitude Devashi x

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