The Potency of Moontime

I’ve been hospitalised and humbled by this deep descent into the sometimes dark journey of being a woman time and time again. From knowing in my heart that it wasn’t right for me to be medicated or be on the pill to artificially manage my menstruation, many secrets were revealed….

I would often find myself in totally debilitating states of pain during the first few years of having my period. I didn’t have a woman guiding me about how to work with it naturally but I instinctively knew it wasn’t healthy for me to avoid facing this powerful experience of becoming a woman. I did find myself hospitalised at one point after being found by someone I know in a shopping centre public toilet in excruciating pain that I was desperately trying to manage. Massive migraines, vomiting, diahorrea and cramping were often part of my menstrual cycle at the time. She ended up calling the ambulance so I could be escorted to the hospital and I was in such an altered state that I can hardly remember that day. Through the medical tests and cameras used to see what was going on, no cause was found and it remained a mystery as to why I found menstruation so physically painful. With a real desire to understand it and a fair dose of defiance to the option given of medication, I was determined to find my way through it naturally. In time, I realised that the pain I was feeling was not just physical – it was an accumulation of emotional and psychic tension that I was very sensitive to and it wasn’t just about my life. I now give myself a few days out each month to consciously journey into my descent and I totally love it. In fact I guard that time preciously because of how much I value it’s gifts and the restoration it brings me. Today I am in the rewarding position of being able to share in great detail with women how to transform menstrual pain into highly creative states of bliss. Yes, it’s true!

Moontime is a potent opportunity to tap into the collective feminine psyche to receive from its infinite riches. It’s also a time when we are most likely to be affected by the collective female ‘pain body’ (as Eckhart Tolle refers to it in his work). Sometimes women experience it emotionally, sometimes more mentally and sometimes more physically – or all of it at once! It is a very personal process of gradually trusting our female bodies, learning how to listen to its particular needs and calls from within. It is very much a descent into the underworld: one full of potential to receive wisdom and guidance directly from the Feminine Source. This incredible experience is something you’ll miss out on if aligning to societal masculine drive is consuming the majority of your attention. EVERY month we have this incredible opportunity to re-align ourselves via our NATURAL MEDITATION! I think of it as our enforced meditation from mother nature 🙂

Each month, I fall in love again with my hot water bottle to soothe my womb and lower back when needed. Essential oils such as clary sage, lavendar or peppermint for headaches is really helpful too. It’s also important to supplement these practices with natural medicine to help re-balance our physical bodies in it’s production of blood etc. And if your pain is really serious, do have it checked out and treated if need be. These natural practices for moontime will be deeply valuable to you when you are ready and willing to face its raw power. I will be writing much more about this in future however for now, here are 5 tips to experiment with:

  1. Know that pain-free menstruation is absolutely possible for you too
  2. Take time out during the first day (at least) without distraction – it’s important that the environment you are in allows you to expand and be free with authentic expression
  3. Go into the sensations with deep breaths, meeting it as sensation rather than deciding that it’s “pain”
  4. Give yourself permission to open your voice to express raw authentic sounds and intuitively move your body in ways that release any tension (even if that means looking and sounding like a birthing woman)
  5. Understand that it IS supposed to be a descent and allow it to take you into the deeply receptive state of surrender that your female body is innately designed to experience
  6. After riding this dragon for as long as it takes to meet it all in your body, just deeply rest. Delicious sensations of deep bliss arise from this place.

There is so much more detail that I have to share on this subject so stay tuned for more info and celebrate Moontime as your time to reconnect with Sacred Feminine consciousness. Enjoy each moment of learning because it will inform every act of creativity, lovemaking and birthing that you are yet to experience. The principles found within the Tigress Yoga™ practice are based on this understanding and will greatly assist you during moontime. Let’s bring back and celebrate the natural and ancient yoga of being a woman!

Om Shakti

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  1. Sarah C says:

    Thankyou for this beautiful insight Devashi and Kirstan.

    I’m a student of natural medicine and I recently had an interesting experience that reminded me how much my feelings about menstruation have changed as I’ve become more in line with my true being.

    In my degree we learn pharmacology so that we have knowledge of orthodox medicines even though most of us would choose not to use them. The textbook prescribed for this class is quite strongly opposed to natural medicine systems, which I guess we usually take as humour, rather than being offended by it. In the vein of humour, the lecturer read a segment of the textbook on menstruation out to us, to outline the difference in opinion between conventional and natural medicine. The argument of the textbook was that doctors should tell more women that they can skip their period while on the pill, and in fact that was prefereable, because it can stop the ‘pain’ and ‘inconvenience’, the ‘cost’ of feminine hygeine products and lost man-hours. We were absolutely incredulous knowing that these authors had written this to be a serious argument.

    It moved me so much that I spoke up, and told the whole class that not even two years ago I also had that opinion, and consistently took the pill so I wouldnt have to bleed. As far as I was concerned, menstruation was messy, painful, emotionally draining and annoying and I didn’t want to have anything to do with it. But, when I started really looking after my health, doing lots of yoga, eating foods that don’t inflame or irritate my body, and having weekly acupuncture, I decided to not take pharmaceuticals anymore, the pill being first and foremost on that list. And guess what? Once the cycle came back, menstruation wasn’t a drama anymore. Several women in the class nodded and agreed.

    It seems that women in Western society WANT to suppress and dissociate from their menstruation, because they have no idea how good it can be when the body is truly healthy and when we feel sensation rather than deciding instantly “pain”, as Devashi said. When the first acupuncturist said to me that the cycle is supposed to come and go with no pain or discomfort, I didn’t believe him. (being a male, how much could he know about menstruation, right?). But now I know that to be the truth, first hand, and it’s wonderful; I love sharing that knowledge with other women and being able to set them on the right paths to tonify their cycle and make it a predictable, manageble part of their month. Its also so touching to read about using that time of the cycle as a natural meditation, that feels like a piece of knowledge that will serve me well 🙂

    I’m very grateful to be on the path of acceptance, and even love, of feminine cycles, and Tigress is definitely guiding me closer to that love x

  2. Kirstan Flannery says:

    I am reading this after my first day back out from my ‘Red Tent’ where I am learning to take the time out you are talking about in your article Devashi to really open to and harness what this potent feminine time offers. As I continue to honour and cultivate my feminine ways, tune into my body’s rhythms and let my feelings flow consciously, I’m experiencing an overflowing abundance of vitality, creativity and joy… It’s such a blessing.

    If I’ve been overactive in my month I can find it difficult for my over-yang stimulated mind to release it’s ‘doing’ dominance for me to drop into my deep underworld that my moontime draws me in to. Yet as I continue to give myself permission to drop in deeper and rest I am so grateful for it. I feel like there is a whole part of my womanhood that’s been happening monthly, complete with it’s own unique offerings, that I am only just tapping into!

    Often women, who find that I take time out for my menstruation, think I’m crazy, but the more I surrender to what this time is offering, the more I feel crazy not to! I am emerging feeling restored and full of more energy, passion and vitality for the rest of my month.

    I love in your Vlog how you touch on the values of working with our womanly cycles not only for health but to harness the energy for spiritual, psychological and emotional growth. This reminds me of the depth of wisdoms our cycles hold waiting for us to discover and explore….

    I am so grateful to be a woman! xx


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