Tigress Yoga + Whole Hearted Living

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Why Tigress Yoga floats my boat!

Tigress Yoga has been my backbone. It is my consistent way of bringing all parts of me back into the safe haven of my body. It has taught me to be ok in my ‘not-okness’ if that’s what is going on for me at the time.

I feel good!! More often than not. The physical practice of Tigress Yoga has been and is a very practical way for me to find and maintain my center compass. It gives me certainty and also encourages trust in the unknown – mystery.

Tigress Yoga encourages ‘wholehearted’ living. Brené Brown, a very well respected shame researcher says the key to living wholeheartedly, with all of yourself, is vulnerability, courage and compassion!! Tigress yoga develops all of those qualities. If you haven’t seen her TED Talk go here;http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCvmsMzlF7o

I am a high achiever and come from a family of over achievers. I value kicking butt and ticking off my bucket list!! Yet, I am so drawn to this physical practice where the focus is not PERFECT posture – for you yogi’s perfect asana!! That’s right it is not about being perfect!! Sigh of relief*** sure I sometime catch myself reverting to old ways BUT that is fewer and far between and I can snap out of it so much quicker. I have more control and grace over my emotions than I used to. That’s really useful and it makes my daily life far more enjoyable for myself and those around me. Bye bye road rage!!

Tigress has taken me on a journey through perfection rehab and I’ve come out the other side swimming in my authentic expression!! There is no failure for me just feedback. No attachment to my story when I am on my mat!! Well… Most of the time! Hey, I am not perfect! He he!!

I continually see my students unravel from stress, inhibition and their general lack of compassion for themselves. It’s empowering!!

Consistent devotion to the practice reveals more gems to be mined that lie dormant in each woman! The physical act or breath, movement and sound relaxes the nervous system. I see women healing themselves. I see women put down their pain body and get to know their ecstasy body (so sweetly put by a dear Sister). I don’t know about you but I find it much more fun transforming inner cob webs with pleasure rather than pain.

This inner transformation is possible and accessible to all women. Tigress Yoga is the process of turning to your teacher within!!

These are some of the treasures I experience from Tigress Yoga and have the privilege to witness my students experience.


From Level 1 Instructor & Team Leader, Donna Bowen


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