Tigress Yoga™: An experiential journey by Donna Bowen

Sharing Tigress Yoga™ with other women has really taken my practice to a new level. There has been a calling to go deeper in my own practice, connecting to my heart and womb. The more I give to others the more I need to give to myself has been a strong message throughout my Tigress Yoga™ journey.

I find I can navigate my energy levels with my commitments by tuning in with the practice, especially during menstruation. Previously the pain would be so overwhelming I would collapse into the pain and revert to pain medication. I’d be incapable of fulfilling my commitments. Now that I know how to move with my energy system I can relax somewhat into the discomfort. The panic has dissolved. It is still an active continual process, which requires my attention and presence to check in with my body and navigate Her needs. Sometimes it is easier than others.

The most valuable aspect for me is my ability to now process emotions with Tigress Yoga™ practice. I feel like I have this invaluable tool that allows me to access and release the earthquakes inside whether it be anger or sadness for example. I used to supress these intense emotions or numb them with TV, food or alcohol. Any distraction I could find really. Now in my own private space I have a map to guide me into my body and shift any emotional turmoil. Sometimes I might need the assistance of a Sista’s loving ear over a cuppa too.

Tigress Yoga practice for me is an act of deep self-love. It is an invitation for me to call in more of my essence and Shakti. To move from this nourished place in the world. It is a constant act of self-love as I take time for myself. Sitting on my mat is my sacred and quiet time amongst the chaos of life. I feel more grounded and inspired since if discovered this practice. My heart has expanded and feels so much more. My relationships are flourishing. Not to mention I have discovered my womb and unlocked a whole new level of creativity I previously thought was void and only reserved for ‘Artists.’

It also feels like the beginning. The beginning of connecting with something rich inside of myself, my understanding and knowing of the divine feminine. I feel very humbled and blessed to be on this journey, experiencing and sharing this practice with my Sista’s. I am so very grateful of Dévashi for sharing her work and lighting the way for others. Thank you Sista!! J


A Tigress Yoga™ Student-Instructor, Donna Bowen is also an Usui Reiki Master, NLP/Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis Practitioner at World Within, Melbourne. Read more about her and other Tigress Yoga™ Teachers here…

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  1. Chloé says:

    YES sista, I hear ya 😉 and I can relate to everything you have shared. Very exciting journey.. and this is only the beginning!! xx

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