Women Are Ready For The Next Evolution of Male Sexuality Teachers

In the early days of sharing Tigress Yoga™ publicly, I was totally amazed at how quickly and easily women were having obvious experiences of powerful, beautiful Shakti flowing through their bodies. Previously I had found that only after 1:1 tantric bodywork sessions (several for most people) would a woman find that level of energetic opening through her body. So to see what I always knew was possible happening for some women, right before my eyes within in a few Tigress Yoga classes, it moved me to such tears of joy & inspired me to continue sharing Tigress Yoga with the world.

So dear tigress women, some of you will know this already however it is still important to say. As someone who has been immersed both personally and professionally for many years in this field, I have been present to the ever-emerging amount of male sacred sexuality facilitators. Because of how much women trust me, I constantly hear stories from those who have gone to tantric healers, sacred sexuality facilitators & even hypnotherapists for healing but come away with more damage & confusion than they had in the first place. YES we can say in every experience there is something to be learnt from and this is true………. but how about sexuality facilitators operating from a place of integrity and real respect for the deep feminine heart – we could also learn from that too! It is so important for a woman to have a safe and supportive environment to meet her orgasmic nature in – free of the all too common ambiguous, sleazy or abusive dynamics that frequently occur in sacred sexuality type circles.

Of course there are some beautiful male teachers out there, however I am referring here to the specific situation of a man in a position of authority who has gained a woman’s trust but then coerces her into doing something she doesn’t really want to do….. or need to do in order to have the awakening she’s looking for. If two consenting adults wish to have sex that’s fantastic, however it’s just not appropriate within the context of a therapeutic session if it wasn’t advertised to be about having sex. There is a strong element of parent and child dynamic going on in the therapeutic environment, especially within the psyche of the client. If the two adults wish to connect intimately outside of the healing session environment, that’s their business (and awareness of time and space to dissolve the therapeutic dynamic first is highly recommended). The main point I’m making here is this:

It is absolutely not necessary for a woman to have sex with her teacher/guide
to awaken her sexual energy channels.

Beautiful sisters, your womb is so sacred and it is YOURS. It is so deeply connected to your heart, whether that is consciously understood or not. You never need to give yourself away or leave a part of yourself behind to have what you want.

I can appreciate ALL the different expressions on our paths to understanding and experiencing sexual energy and I personally believe it is a mistake to condemn anyone in their explorations to know themselves. However discernment is different to judgement. It seems quite common in new age thought to have no distinction between judgement and discernment, which is one of the reasons unacceptable behaviour continues to be so rampant.

With the knowledge gained in the tantric arts, one would think those teachers would have a good grasp on how female sexual energy works – that the way to open a woman’s true sexual energy IS through her heart. It doesn’t need to be about “falling in love”; it can also be about devotion. Sadly, even among the male sexuality teachers, they are often approaching female students in a way that doesn’t support or encourage her true opening. I’ve seen this so many times myself over the years and constantly have women sharing stories with me… so many stories that I could easily fill a book! My understanding is that they are often replicating the behaviour of how THEIR teachers operate, without questioning it. I’ve also noted that it tends to happen when men are not feeling sexually fulfilled in their real life so they go unconsciously looking for that fulfilment via female clients. I’m not sure it’s a coincidence that the most aligned and truly loving men I know are those who have been initiated into real understanding of and devotion to the Feminine through committed relationship.

I am curious to know who the new generation, the new evolution of male sexuality teachers are.

This is a call to all the men in the sacred sexuality arena to say it’s time to lift your game: a woman does NOT need to have sex with you to awaken her sexual energy channels. Polarity energy can be effectively ignited via specific bodywork with clear professional boundaries as a teacher. Women are ready for the next level. Imagine having enormous respect, admiration and being on the receiving end of devotional love from many awake women who REALLY trust you – because in THAT quality of serving as a true guide, you will be further expanded spiritually and held in the hearts of women who genuinely dance with Shakti – surely that is more desirable than the short term satisfaction of sexual gratification followed by an ambiguous reputation and no inspiration from wise awake women to hold, nurture and help birth you into the man you were truly born to be. Guide a woman in feeling the love of who she already is in her heart instead of using your knowledge to trick, manipulate, scare or seduce her into having sex with you. Though to guide a woman in surrendering to that God frequency, it implies that you have a strong connection to Source that you have consciously established through your own inner work.

In saying all of that, women could also get to know themselves more by doing their inner work of resting deeper in their own self love. Maybe you can inspire these men to lift their game by not saying yes when you really mean no, by doing the work of truly loving the woman you are and getting to know the essence of your own energy so much that you totally get it: you already have what you are looking for. Then there’s nothing left to do but nurture that incredible source of feminine power, pleasure, radiance and amazingness inside of you. And then you are free to share it with those you really want to.

There is no actual need to leave a part of yourself behind my sisters (namely your true heart feelings). And if you have been in a situation where you regret giving yourself sexually to some kind of practitioner who suggested you needed to for your sexual awakening process; then get honest about your own unconscious motivations, learn from that experience and engage the real work of loving who you are. The most effective guidance system and the most effective self healing tool is this: go so deep in loving ALL of who you are that it becomes extremely obvious by contrast when a man is not loving you or truly serving you.

And this brings us back to one of the many reasons Tigress Yoga exists – it’s a safe haven for a woman to heal, grow, awaken her feminine body, learn how to truly nurture herself, reveal her vulnerability, love herself on all levels, find ecstatic alignment with her female nature (good idea when in a female body!), come into her whole, integrated personal power and shine in the woman of wisdom, love & pleasure she was born to be.

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  1. Daka John says:

    This conversation is much needed and I hope more women will consider this when engaging with male practitioners, and that male practitioners will work from a place of integrity and for the good of their clients.

    I do not see a place for intercourse within the therapeutic relationship, consequently it is not part of my work. I make this clear in my code of ethics.

    Practitioners who do include intercourse would do well in my opinion to do so with support from a therapist who works independently for the woman.

    • Dévashi Shakti says:

      Thank you for having a clear voice John & for understanding that clarity in boundaries is important to leave people with empowering experiences x

  2. jason oddi says:

    Dear Devashi,
    thankyou for revealing a very large white elephant that i feel has been around the tantric community for what could have been a long time. I am very new to the world of Tantra having attended a couple of workshops and meet up groups here in London, but in this short space of time i have met some wonderful people whose openess and trust has enlivened me to be more trusting and open……but that vulnerability is sacrosanct.. I work as a therapist with the mind and body but NOT within the tantra community ….in each of those spheres i meet the others experience, i hope with care ,love and understanding …i meet their pain with acceptance as they need to be heard……sometimes i have seated in front of me the most attractive and tantalising of clients whose seduction techniques are magnificent ….and in their need to seduce me i meet their pain ……their need to be loved …..their fucked upness of oedipal and electra……….. and to experience that this is their way of being …..this is ok , this is what i want to feel and see , to experience their way of being that has brought them to therapy …..and my job is to resist this , to show them that i am not to be seduced , that i am wholesome enough to resist and still not reject them . To be different to a template that they have built into their psyche and show that there is a different path…………
    My experiences of tantric friends are that i attract women who tell me they feel safe with me , that they do not feel that i am predatory in any way.And then they tell me of the gurus that in their experience have abused them in the power dynamic. That the guru ( those that purport to have the ANSWER to their needs) has sex and in some way left them emotionally empty and hurt/sad which in turn strengtherns their already damaged view of men. I have been reluctant to have shared sexual experiences with the lovely people that i have met as although in this field i am not therapeutically connected with them my training is such that i would feel so bad about myself and that in some way due to my ability to ‘see’ that damage i would be left feeling predatory.
    Yes i want to copulate and make amazing connections and learn that sex is ok between consenting adults. My childhood was peppered with damaging information and experiences and powerful women that did nothing to allow that feeling of being ok in ones skin enough to play and explore nor feel that connection of eodipal frenzy and rage and to be able to work that through. But i have come far enough in my personal journey to understand and appreciate my issues and that i can share information that will help others but like the matrix and religions of many forms I AM NOT THE ONE nor are those gurus that Women set up to be the ONE . We have all we need within us yet it is very common for people to see the golden chalice as being with another . Cinderella was taken from a life of hardship and poverty by prince charming , we have been fed this rubbish for a thousand years.

    • Dévashi Shakti says:

      Hi Jason
      Your clear boundaries as a therapist command respect, thank you for knowing where the boundaries are in the therapeutic context. Yes, to give women a new imprint even if they are flaunting themselves is a sign of a strong and worthy therapist!

      What you mention about personal experiences with tantric women sounds confusing for you – I totally celebrate you feeling fully expressed in your beautiful primal nature with those who are present to being with you x

  3. AnRa says:

    This is such an important public conversation. Thank-you for opening it up Devashi.

    In Love,

  4. Daka Corey says:

    Your article is well-written and your issue is an important one. Thank you also for not painting male sexual healers with too broad of a brush. A wide spectrum of integrity exists and I endeavour to hold myself to very high standards.

    The need for sacred sexual healing is vast and I live in service to the Goddess.


  5. Well Done Devashi!

    In the work that I do around sex and sexuality, never once have I felt the need or urge to ask a client if they wanted to have sex with me, or even suggest that they do in order to heal their wounds. Regardless of gender or orientaion, when people are seeking healing or therapy, they are indeed in a vulnerable place, and despite any bravado on their part, the power dynamic needs to be acknowledged and respected. This piece is beautifully articulated and addresses a consistent problem in the ”conscious” ( or not so conscious sex community………………..not to mention the absence of safer sex protocols and actual sex eduacation) It’s hard not to question the motives of practioners whose work does not acknowledge clients’ processes and therapuetic boundaries.

    Lots of Love

  6. Charles says:


    I thank you dearly for what you have said and the timeliness of hearing this is divine. Although on some level I have known this all along it is only recently I discovered what it really means for me to be in the presence of the “deep feminine heart”. There is so much about my conditioning as a man that is challenged by being in that presence. It calls for my complete dissolution, to step beyond any concept I have of protecting my heart and to love you without any consideration for my own needs. It is involves dropping deeply into my own beauty and that has the potential to open me in ways which are incredibly vulnerable. As a teacher, if I am to reach you as a woman it has been my experience that in someway I need to consciously “fall” in love with you – I am challenged to call that devotion. That falling brings up my core issues around rejection and validation but without putting those and all my “self”ishness aside can I truly reach you. If I am IN love with you in the context of a session I need to deal with the grief that arises post session. It is beyond me why any sexuality teacher would need to have reciprocal sex with a student. This meeting of the deep feminine heart, for me, happens before there is any intimate contact. If I can’t find that place within myself and connect and communicate that to the person I am working with I would not even suggest offering intimate touch. I am finding it difficult to communicate in words what I really mean. The honour that i feel for the woman I have been working with for helping me see what needs to happen in my heart to meet their orgasmic nature is incredibly moving. Tears stream down my face and I am rapt in awe when I am given a glimpse of the connection between heart and erotic nature. If I embody this I discover an orgasmicness within myself that goes way beyond any physicality. With all that said I am incredibly grateful for the framework that my chosen modality, Sexological Bodywork, gives me to operate within. The guidelines around one way touch, authentic consent and focus on self practice help lay the foundations for the integrity and respect you mention. I think if there are any men working in this field that aren’t fulfilled (and I draw a distinction between satisfied and fulfilled) by their own self practice they should do us all a favour and step back until they have a deeper understanding. Men, I challenge you to go there, to go deep within the feminine heart (both the light and the dark) I think you will see that anything you have to give up pales in insignificance to the beauty and “in” sight available to you. There is a divinity there we can’t discover on our own, it is the source of all creation.

    • Dévashi Shakti says:

      Thank you Charles for your honest sharing here.
      By devotion, I mean to The Feminine, which allows your eyes to see woman as who she really is x

  7. My thanks to Cat Bellam for pointing out this article to me. As the author of “The Real Man’s Sex Book,” I’ve gotten questions about matters like this a lot. My book’s title provokes a reaction, which is what I wanted. It pokes fun at the macho male stereotype while also showing how some parts of masculinity are very worthwhile–and it teaches some of the greatest sex imaginable. With all that going on in the book you can imagine some of he situations I come into.

    To continue, whether it is proper for a male sexuality teacher to have sex with some of, if not all, of his (especially the attractive) students brings up a big question. I got to know two of the world’s foremost male sex teachers. One of them felt it inappropriate for him to have sex with his students and engaged a surrogate for this, if the woman did not have a man open enough to share the lessons with her. The other teacher, a famous Tantric swami with thousands of students, is known for having sex with any female student that he pleases. And many, many of his students are young, pretty, and emotionally vulnerable–how could any insecure twenty-ish young woman reject this tall, handsome, respected, and confident teacher? Few do–and the “fallout” for the women who get sucked into being playthings for the swami and his primary male followers is often, to say the least, not pretty.

    Lastly, I must admit that biologically the temptation to have sex with a fertile attractive young woman is hard to resist for any male. Young ones are just plain horny and older ones are trying to prove they are still young. Perhaps more to
    the point is, “Where is the maturity of the male? Does he have an egoistic need to prove himself again and again with many women? And if a man is a teacher of sexuality, isn’t the ability to be intimate with one special woman really the highest level one can attain? And that would mean a relationship without co-dependency. Strangely, as I shared with Cat via Skkype yesterday, it seems that many attractive men who can have many women become hesitant about intimacy. Instead, they establish a sort of Co-dependence with their Freedom. They become “open Relationship Junkies,” and use the word “Freedom” as an excuse for sexual promiscuity and, in some respects, irresponsibility.

    This sad pattern of a strange typed of male co-dependence with “Freedom” and “Open-Relationships” will definitely be a focus in my next book. It was not stated so directly in “The Real Man’s Sex Book.”

    • Dévashi Shakti says:

      Your next book sounds intriguing, please let us know when it’s available. Thank you for your comments

    • Sylvie says:

      Mark, thanks for your contribution, as a male sexual healer, to this beautifully written and truthful article by Dévashi – you say a lot of sense.

      I do have a bit of a problem with one of your statements though…:


      I think this comment is a HUGE generalization based on I don’t know what (perhaps the all-time vision of women by these societies we live in? ).
      In my personal experience, and many many women that I know or have met during my 39 years in this planet, I do not recognize this pattern. I thought any man (specially those “more awakened”) would know that women’s lybido and confidence with sexuality, increases as time goes by, being the 30s the most conscious beginning of this wonderful rollercaster.

      I’m sure that sadly there are also plenty of women that perhaps use sex in order to feel that they are still young, but believe you me, a lot of us feel greatful of the age we have becuse we feel more empowered, more knowledgable, more confident, wiser and many other things. It is not to prove that we are still young, it is to just enjoy this wonder of life, that is sex, which apparently never stops increasing in wonder and pleasure! (or so I’ve been told by sisters on their 40s, 50s…)

      Your posting was very good, but this little paragraph has made me doubt severly of your true understanding of the sacred feminity.
      I thought it’d be a good idea to make you aware of this.

      With respect.

  8. Rudran says:

    I have been in dialogue with some of the older men about the increasing number of teachers of sexuality.
    It is great that it is getting our there and that so many people are now entering into more conscious sexuality. One of the effects of this is the kind of imbalance mentioned in your post Devashi. Some of the experienced men of have been talking about how little men’s work some of these male sexuality teacher have done. While much of the men’s consciousness movement is involved with getting a basic consciousness moving among the general population of men, there is a great body of work within men’s business that addresses the capacity of a man to hold energy while a woman moves through the flow of transformation in the expansion of love.
    This comes about through the masculine development where a man grows his purpose, his integrity, and his ability to hold space. I personally and I know some of the other older men will be in the place of challenge with this.
    Love to you Gorgeous, Rudran

  9. Brett says:

    Dear Devashi,

    Great issue to raise !! …. I have heard from a number of women healers who have mentioned they have done ‘clean up’ work after women have seen male sacred sexual healers where boundaries have been blurred etc (some very popular names who have been around in this field for a long time).

    you said “I am curious to know who the new generation, the new evolution of male sexuality teachers are.” … I am guessing I am one of these men. There are several women who will testify to my integrity in the healing work I do. I agree with what you say about men who are not fulfilled sexually in their lives outside of their healing work, I see this can so easily unwittingly influence the dynamic with their clients – even to the point of believing a process is healing for them that is not. I am in a profoundly rich and expansive relationship with my partner in a way that I see and am seen to the core – there is no hiding. In this relationship I have learnt that no matter who I relate to, on one level there is never any hiding energetically. I understand that level of healing work I do with women, and their ability to open in witness of a man comes from my true trustablity and honouring – energetically this is felt deeply.

    I am deeply grateful to my partner and some other women in my life who I can openly talk about different sexual bodywork methods and about where I am at personally before engaging with clients. I sense this is another key for male sexual healers who want to be stepping up on their integrity – ie. to seek reflection from women who can see/hear/feel any edge that is not in alignment with the healing for their clients – and take responsibility with the feedback they hear. I trust the feminine wisdom these women are truly in touch with more than my own, there is something about how others can feel us, and for this type of work as a male healer, receiving feedback from an awakened woman is pure gold 🙂

    Devashi I welcome you to contact me any time, I feel great sadness that such betrayal happens in the field of sexual healing.

    I have been meaning to contact you again, and feeling grateful for the contact i had with you some time ago in regards to energetic bodywork and pregnancy, it was very valuable and I have learnt a lot through experience since then and engaged in this connection during a profound free birth with my beloved. My heart is warmed by the work you are doing in empowering women to live their heart in truth. It excites me to imagine a world where more women are empowered in this way.

    Love to you


    • Dévashi Shakti says:

      Thank you Brett & your sharing about the need for men offering sexuality services to have a female mentor is a REALLY good idea, especially if they are not in committed relationship to stay in deeper touch with the feminine heart. Thank you xx

  10. Mark Davenport says:

    Thank you for such a beautiful article. I wish to share my brief history. I have been studying/practicing Tantra for a little over a year now, and it has completely changed my life. Early on I was told by Shastra my first mentor from Tucson that with the empathy and intuition I held for women, that I should look into becoming a Daka. She then introduced me to Julianne Parkinson in Santa Fe, an incredible woman, and Dakini that has been teaching / training me in how to live a Tantric life. Integrity for clients and myself is utmost in her teachings. I am happily married to a marvelous woman now for over 32 years, and she is supporting me completely in this path I have been called to, though she herself follows a different path. Holding space in my heart, and having unconditional love for all people that I meet has been transformational for me. I have not started seeing clients yet, that time will come when I am truly ready to help whomever needs me. The very last thing I want is to do, is do more harm than good, and I know I have a lot yet to learn. Reading your article just reinforces what I believe to be the way to go in order for me to become a true healer. Creating a safe, secure, loving space for women. Letting them know, that my strength and love is their for them. No judgements, no coercions. Once again thank you for the beautiful article, and thank you for giving me space to respond.
    Always in Love and Light,

  11. Zulu says:

    This is very important what you touch on here. That safe space is such an important factor in affecting real change and growth. The imbalance caused, to the divine feminine collective consciousness, not to mention the masculine, by these types of happenings is very counter-productive to each and everyone of us.

    Healing the massively apparent rift and rebuilding the trust that’s been so betrayed in recent times (the last couple of millennia) is hugely important work right now..we can do this by; Coming together (pun unintended) and working to actively heal these wounds. Acknowledging these aspects of our selves and our realities. Speaking and sharing our truths, courageously and participating in dialogue such as this.

    Thanks for bringing more light to this Devashi – especially for bringing to attention the importance the role ‘Responsibility’ plays in all of this. What would happen if more of us fully grasped, embraced and accepted full responsibility for our nature, our actions, thoughts and potential. Especially those of us in positions of ‘authority’ or perceived power? I can only imagine less of the situations you touch upon here; damage, manipulation, distrust, eta and more; opening, healing, growth, beauty, connection, balance et al.

    In Love – Xz

  12. Heidi says:

    Thank you Devashi for highlighting the issue that betrayal of trust which results in sexual violence can occur in any situation, including energy work. You have saidn that you have not heard of this happening in the reverse gender situation. i believe the reason for that is that it occurs in te first place because we live in a world of male privledge and, while I agree it is not impossible for women to be perpetrators, overwhelming it is men who are as they assert their male privledge. When women come into their power, their Shakti, they challenge this, we challenge this and see through it. We see through the patriarchal myth. Power to us the women for we are the grace of god 🙂

  13. Therese de Wolf says:

    So deeply moved by your commitment and TRUTH Devashi… It is about time women stood up and pulled back the veil on this subject. Very inspiring. I’m with you!


    • Dévashi Shakti says:

      Yes & I appreciated our conversation about it today when we spoke – you have a beautifully strong clear voice Therese, please share it more & more xx

  14. Lezoire says:

    Hi there, I happened upon a link here via FB, It’s certainly an interesting topic. Just for the record I am a male and I need to let you know Most men would not tell you if they were in a sexual relationship where a teacher or therapist had instigated contact in the framework of higher healing. This has certainly been my experience, In general terms I would say un welcomed sexual attention and harassment is not reported as frequently by men generally.
    I wonder if men do not view themselves as victims in a Female – male power dynamic, as they might in male -male encounter. it seems to me that men and woman seem to be wired very differently in general terms and sexually as well. The reason I chose to write here is that I have had such an experience in the context of a therapeutic relationship.
    What I really learned in the end was to set boundaries very well, firmly and in congruence with my sense of what felt right for me, to be honest and up front about what I wanted, what I was prepared to do and give, and what my motivations where they were in the dynamics between us. I also made choices which I had to take responsibility for. Lest i am left feeling victimized by my experience, and not seeing the choices i made and why. I think there was and is always an exchange of energy in such a dynamic, in the end I learned to be clear about what I wanted and what I am willing to exchange.

    I think Its always easy for the client to project their need for love of self onto the clinician, its one all therapists know, and perhaps sexual therapies are particularly fraught with it because sex is often the medium of exchange. I guess if you have an expectation of an outcome being fulfilled then making an informed decision is our choice and responsibility regardless of who we believe has knowledge or power.
    I am not sure how many men would own up to this experience but I thought I had better let you know it does happen.

    Chiz L.

    • Dévashi Shakti says:

      Thank you for sharing your experience Chiz.
      I must say though, there is absolutely a big responsibility for the teacher/healer in this situation to be aware of. Yes there is a need for both parties to take responsibility; however when working with sexual energy, it is totally out of integrity for the professional to confuse the boundaries – if the session was not intended to be about going beyond the therapeutic context, into an actual sexual exchange. Sometimes if the client/student does not clearly acknowledge the boundaries that the teacher/healer is meant to be working with, they tend to live with the shame of the incident for much longer eg. thinking it was their fault. The depth of the child-parent dynamic in this paradigm cannot be underestimated.

  15. Emma Power says:

    Well said! Thankyou for writing this. This is a topic that comes up over and over, and Devashi, you’ve addressed it brilliantly . Im glad we’re openly acknowledging and looking at it..Thankyou once again, may this message be heard!

    • Dévashi Shakti says:

      Hi Emma
      Yes doesn’t it come up again & again and for a long time. I look forward to meeting you sometime x

  16. shaney says:

    thank you for taking the time to bring this topic into the light.
    i am finding myself in discussions constantly about our male practitioners authenticity, as well as the benefits of having sex with a sacred sexuality teacher.
    when a teacher begins a session and both become immersed in the shaki energy it will always be hard for a women to discern whether sex is what she truly wants in that moment, once she is feeling open.
    from personal experience i found that once i did have sex with my teacher/guide/healer there was a feeling of disapointment as he had just become another man i had shared my body with without a true yearning or desire to do so with him. its like he lost his power as the wonderful sacred sexuality guide i held him up to be. there are many layers to this work and many women who do also experience very positive results from absorbing the teachers lingam energy; however it is always uncertain what outcome may present itself and we are creative beings! there are many other ways to open a women and assist in healing her without penetrating her.
    x shaney

    • Dévashi Shakti says:

      Yes thank you Shaney you’ve delved further into some of the points raised……
      “it will always be hard for a women to discern whether sex is what she truly wants in that moment, once she is feeling open” – this is why there needs to be clear boundaries from the start, that way there’s no confusion.
      I’m glad you shared your genuine experience of disappointment and how it impacted your perception of that man.
      Yes I agree it can be beneficial to exchange sexual energy with someone more experienced- so when men who are truly capable of offering that service do so with intention to go there from the start and the woman is coming to see them for THAT experience & it’s all agreed to prior with full consent from both adults, that’s a different situation.

  17. Jenni Mears says:

    Thankyou for you authenticity Devashi, and your courage to say what needs to be heard. I see many women in my work and have heard those stories too. I have chosen personally to work with women tantric body workers and facilitators for that reason. Tigress yoga has allowed me to open my orgasmic shakti energy in a beautiful safe environment where I am in control of my body and my energy. This awareness is so important for a women to feel safe and able to explore who she is on that level. I loved reading what you have shared and I feel very connected to your words and continue to honour myself by making conscious choices who I see to assist me in my own shakti journey.
    Love and feminine essence, Jenni x

  18. Dévashi Shakti says:

    I also want to add for those who want to enter into the non gender discussion on this: Out of all the stories I’ve heard from my friends & clients about inappropriate behaviour from sexual healers, not one of them was a situation of a woman overstepping the boundaries with a male client. I’m not saying that can’t happen or has never happened – I’m simply saying I’ve not ever heard of such a situation myself – not even one, in over 15yrs of listening to men and women in this area. Clearly it’s happening way more frequently with male sexuality teachers. It might be disturbing to take that in, however it is the reality of this situation.

    This blog is essentially a really positive one though, so lets focus on what we CAN do to be empowered conscious people. It is most certainly the time for women to live with awakened Shakti in spaces that are free of sexual predators. Even those incidences of when men are being inappropriate are just misguided attempts to get closer to Shakti! We all want her & it’s up to us as women to love ourselves and maintain our wholeness.

  19. Kean says:

    Hi Devashi!
    Thank you for bringing this out into the open.
    We may have grounds for cross pollination and my beautiful wife is a yoga teacher running NambourYoga.com
    If you have time can you call me or Kathleen on 0431 778 778 or 07 5476 2626
    We may be able to refer each other clients etc…
    Big love Kean

  20. wendy phillis says:

    Thank you so much Devashi for bringing this into the light. I am so grateful for u. As u know we spoke of such things and feelings that I had been having for sometime. Questions in the body about certain practices and ways of being that felt were not serving woman. To be tangled in service to women and then feeling that something was not quite right, is a questioning time and feeling uncomfortable when u are questioning someone you feel has a position to know better. I feel this is poison that men and women who come under the guise of serving the Sacred Divine Feminine are manipulating the womb of us all thru playing us off against each other, saying this what they are doing in serving a woman and all the while they are knowing and consciously manipulating women is “sick”. I feel for theses women who feel they are doing the right thing but are really not connected to their bodies and knowing, very black magic stuff. I have seen this occur outside Tantra circles as well and thank you for shinning the light onto these practices. I celebrate when a man is in his masculinity and serves the feminine, I don’t know many of these men but one comes to mind and I rejoice that there are men like this that have pure heart and true love for women. It is very poisonous for women to be led by anything else but truth. Isn’t it hard enough entangling ourselves out of the webs of what we women can encounter not to have peopole who are dressed in sheeps clothing trying portray to lead the flock? Dearest Devashi may your nest always be feathered with beauty and love as your truth and devotion serves your heart and the women you serve. Yes, I feel a sacred woman’s space of trust and one who is facilitating is coming from a true love and devotion for the women we work with and the Scared Feminine is so importnat and I know u establish and hold this beautifully. And a continual purging of ourselves and our life is needed to be intune and conscious fully to what we are doing, where we are going and a questioning of what is our motivation and where is the devotion.Thank you deeply for your sharing Devashi. Much love and appreciation for you.

    • Dévashi Shakti says:

      I really do understand the place you write from sister & these days I tend to feel a deep powerful laughter rise up from inside in response to men who are so unconscious about how they work with women on this level, because I see the little boy so clearly within it. I find that genuine laughter response does wonders in dissolving fear & it helps me move very quickly to compassion towards them because their hunger for Her is just so strong. Their time may be better utilized understanding where they are undeveloped psychologically/ emotionally with not getting enough mum time I say……

  21. Nisha says:

    Thanks Devashi. Totally resonating from experience. And I’ve come to the understanding that for me a “committed (monogamous) relationship” = commitment to Myself most of all. Committed relationship is a huge container for personal growth and I think the least murky mirror for my elusive Shadow……all the stuff I don’t like to own. The boundaries are now self-imposed and a way of ensuring that I don’t run away and hide from Myself.
    XoX Nisha

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